Dan Mullineux

Application Development Manager

I love working with great technologies and smart people. I invigorate technical teams and strengthen their relationship with the organisation. I have a strong record of technical leadership, process improvement, strategy and architecture, and still love getting hands-on.

I have twenty two successful years in development and I am still continually inspired by technology and how it creates value.

I have twenty two successful years in development and I am still continually inspired by technology and how it creates value.

I have strengthened dev teams by focusing on respect, motivation, support and solidarity, flexible remote and home working, streamlining distributed teams, productive off-sites, training and conferences.

By balancing lean methods (Scrum, XP, Kanban) with wider company business processes (PRINCE2, RUP) I've increased engagement and improved team productivity.

I enjoy the collaboration in development, and have created customer communities, self support, supplier/partner programs, open source projects, open API's and developer networks.

I have encouraged innovation by creating headroom for: design thinking, experimentation and research, 'skunk works' and 10% time.

Joint Founder and CTO

Nov 2013 -
Birmingham and San Francisco
  • Driving the technical direction and product delivery, including a great deal of hands on coding for this promising young startup.
  • Server side focus on Python, and Golang for the application and API servers.
  • Web Scale social network data stored in a balanced Elastic Search cluster.
  • Front end development mobile first responsive HTML5/CSS3 via LESS using Backbone.js, Marrinette.js mixed with other components.
  • Single page app code migration to PhoneGap.
  • Recruited permanent server side developer and graduate intern. Appointed contract resource for design.
  • Introduced sprint planning, test automation with Phantom.js and continuous integration with home built Node.js build server.

Interim Head of Development

Oct 2012 - Sept 2013
  • Interim contract with the Birmingham and West Midlands transport authority Centro to build a software development strategy and development team.
  • Worked with the Head of IT to drive the IT strategy towards appropriate use of open source, open data and open standards.
  • Worked with H.R. and procurement to recruit Senior Engineer and Head of Development.
  • Introduced formal development cycle - working agile techniques into an ITIL style framework, borrowing heavily from Scrum using Kanban techniques.
  • Increased development team profile, visibility and headroom to deliver innovative business systems.
  • Delivered the business case, architecture and itterative approach for multiple projects championing the move to open-source, with potential savings of £100,000's+
  • Worked closely with Legal and Procurement to deliver IT support services tender document.

Founder and CEO

April 2011 -
Money Toolkit
  • Marketing, Support, Funding, Accounting, Legal.
  • Server side focus on Python, with a load balanced cluster of Tornado based RESTful web services.
  • Rewrite in Golang communicating with a cluster of PhantomJS scrapers.
  • Google App Engine and a sharded / replicated MongoDB install serving a C++ Mongoose based RESTful service, behind a hardware load balancer and Nginx reverse proxy.
  • Front end: Android native development, HTML5 and JS for responsive web design and iOS via Phonegap.
  • Support for 20,000 users, averaging 1500 concurrent connections and around 5 requests per second.

Application Development Manager

April 2010 - July 2011 (1 year)
First Utility
Leamington Spa
  • Supported the CTO with process and technology refresh.
  • Restructured the team, Pushed through CI, strong test automation, formal scrum and scrum tools.
  • Tech guidance for online strategy, migrated medium size portal to high availability cluster.
  • Migrated front end from JSP over Postgres / to PHP over a clean SOA, with Java based RESTful API.
  • Managed medium sized team of up to 15, including pay and performance reviews, managing onshore team, heavy recruitment of permanent and contract resource.
  • Cross team and business strategy with C-suite and heads of department.
  • Partner management and contract negotiation, design documentation, statement of works, proof of concept.

Development Manager

August 2009 – April 2010 (8 months)
Aris Technologies
  • Co-ordinated three development teams, with a 'scrum of scrums'.
  • Introduced reviews, retrospectives, proper stand-up discipline, informative workspaces and sausage sarnies.
  • Managed dependencies with the rest of the business.
  • Worked closely with internal and offshore QA Team in China.
  • Technical guidance, on Web stuff .NET (C#), Large scale MSSQL Server, SVN and development process best practice, struggled to keep up with the C++ blokes.
  • Conducted technical and best value reviews of new tools and technologies.

Senior Development Manager

2004 – August 2009 (5 years)
Talis Information
  • Reported to the CTO of the UK's leading library software vendor, managing a team of up to 25 developers, testers and analysts, with 3 direct managerial reports.
  • Responsible for the technical direction of the suite of 13 web and desktop library products supporting a turnover of £6M in sales and recurring subscriptions.
  • Restructured and recruited the current development team, adding agile processes to invigorate a 3 year stalled project which was successfully delivered in 18 months with 10% fewer resources.
  • Oversaw the migration of the flagship web application to a high availability outsource hosted Web 2.0 SaaS solution, using semantic web RDF technology.
  • Introduced 3 year disruptive US based Open Source strategy.
  • Key technologies: C# (.Net and Mono) , Java, J2EE, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Ruby, MS Sql Server, Sybase, MySQL, Lucene.

Programme Manager / Technical Lead

2003 – 2004 (1 year 2 months)
Instron Corporation
High Wycombe
  • Reported to the UK Divisional Manager of the world's largest materials testing company coordinating the UK team of 10 developers, testers and technical writers.
  • Successfully introduced Agile methodology, integrating with traditional PRINCE2 process.
  • Directed the typically difficult migration of real time control systems to .NET (VB and C#) technology.
  • Facilitated design sessions with USA team, navigating through some previously intractable differences.

Managing Director and Founder

2001 – 2003 (2 years)
  • Formed company to design, market and operate highly innovative 3D laser technology – the result of 18 months self funded R & D.
  • Licensed operations to DCL (now Yotta DCL) for substantial ROI.
  • Retained by DCL to improve operational efficiency. Staff empowerment coupled with introduction of automated GPS / GIS, drastically increased profit margins by 45%.
  • Developed, marketed and sold in house developed 'DataCapture' software product to Exor
  • Collaborated with laser supplier to deliver very cost effective 3D scanning solution to Railtrack.
  • Contracted by Exor to lead Portable Device Team, successful projects completed for the TsingMa bridge in Hong Kong, and the JOMAC led Jamuna bridge project in Bangladesh.

Development Team Lead

1998 – 2001 (3 years)
Parkman (Mouchel)
Sutton Coldfield
  • Coordinated development team delivering client side GIS mapping and vehicle based mobile applications
  • Full software product development life cycle management. Client liaison, specification, development, testing, documentation, deployment, on site training.
  • Delivered solutions to the World Bank on projects in Poland and for TRACECA (Macedonia silk route)

Senior Programmer / Consultant Programmer

1991 – 1998 (7 years)
  • 7 Years full life cycle software development experience. Co-Founded DCL (now Yotta) in 1993.
  • C,C++, Delphi, Assembly, Electronic Engineering, Imaging, Web, RDBMS, Control, TCP/IP, Access, Windows, Solaris, and more.

BEng, Computer Systems Engineering

1988 – 1991 (4 years)
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Australia
  • Asociate member of IEEE
  • Other Courses - Enterprise .Net Architect (QA)

Family, geeking (e.g. Arduino), playing Rugby (Claverdon RFC), chess, outdoors, mountains, motorcycling.

Strong Experienced Exposed
OO, UML, TDD, CI Eclipse, Hibernate, Jenkins PRINCE2, RUP
Scrum, XP, Kanban Subversion, CVS, Jira HBase, Thrift
HTML, Java Script XML, XSL, Xpath, CSS MS Project
Golang, GIT, GitHub Java, J2EE, Spring, Axis, Struts MS and Open Office
Elastic Search, Memcache iOS, Phonegap Salesforce, Siebal
C/C++, (Stl, Boost) C# SQL, Sybase, MS Sql, MySQL SourceSafe
Android Development RDF, Lucene, Hadoop, MongoDB Turbo Project
PHP, Python Microsoft Visual Studio Bugzilla.
Smarty, Yii Maven, Ant, Cruise, Selenium, Canoo Doxygene
Linux&Windows Cygwin (migration from Solaris) Lasers, Optics, Imaging
Bash&Batch Virtualisation EC2, Rackspace Cloud
Delphi, Pascal Visual Basic, and Access! Apache
N-Unit, Junit etc Perl, Ruby 808x Assembly, Microcontrollers
Trello NGinx